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QuakeLive noobHUD (alpha)

June 18, 2010 9 comments

Folks, an update – I stopped working on this due to the brilliant work done by namad to make an easy graphical HUD editor. Check it out here:

If anyone still wants me to work on and complete this, just ask. I just figured there was no need any more.

Hey there, first post here..

A while back I decided I wanted to re-make my QuakeLive HUD, cleaning up both the visuals and the code now I know a little more about what I’m doing. I got to work and pretty quickly came up with an exact replica.

The replica of my older HUD

EmSixTeen HUD - noobHUD

As I was finishing this newer version I had an idea though. I get asked the same little questions over and over again about HUD editing, and I wanted to make a HUD which is a tonne easier for newbs to understand. I realised I could do this by using custom cvars and then using cvarTest, and making these custom cvars relate to presets I have made in the HUD file. Basically, you can just type ui_emsixteen_scores “topright” and it will place the scores in the top right. The player can then also have a little config file they exec with their own settings for the HUD, which is a heap easier than messing with the HUD’s actual .menu files.

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