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QuakeLive Custom HUD Install Guide

September 2, 2010 1 comment

So, you want to use a custom HUD in QuakeLive and aren’t sure how? This is an easy to follow guide on how to get and install a custom HUD. Finding and using a custom HUD in QuakeLive is simple!

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EmSixTeen’s Quake Live config (13th August 2010 update)

August 13, 2010 6 comments

Unfortunately, due to the new forum database on, my old thread with my config and HUD has now vanished. Shame too, it had 30,000 views. I’ll just post updates to my config or HUD on here from now on and post about these on the forum.

Anyway, I’ve just updated my config to make full use of the new cvars and the ability to use aliases. As ever, I’ve it cleanly laid out so it should be easy to understand even if you’re pretty new.

EmSixTeen's cfg/HUD, in-game FFA

EmSixTeen's cfg/HUD, in-game FFA

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QuakeLive noobHUD (alpha)

June 18, 2010 9 comments

Folks, an update – I stopped working on this due to the brilliant work done by namad to make an easy graphical HUD editor. Check it out here:

If anyone still wants me to work on and complete this, just ask. I just figured there was no need any more.

Hey there, first post here..

A while back I decided I wanted to re-make my QuakeLive HUD, cleaning up both the visuals and the code now I know a little more about what I’m doing. I got to work and pretty quickly came up with an exact replica.

The replica of my older HUD

EmSixTeen HUD - noobHUD

As I was finishing this newer version I had an idea though. I get asked the same little questions over and over again about HUD editing, and I wanted to make a HUD which is a tonne easier for newbs to understand. I realised I could do this by using custom cvars and then using cvarTest, and making these custom cvars relate to presets I have made in the HUD file. Basically, you can just type ui_emsixteen_scores “topright” and it will place the scores in the top right. The player can then also have a little config file they exec with their own settings for the HUD, which is a heap easier than messing with the HUD’s actual .menu files.

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